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Sonic 5
Jun 24, 2003
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March 29

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Sonic 5

Not Actually a Sonic Fan, from Bamamama

Sonic 5 was last seen:
Aug 18, 2017 at 4:22 AM
    1. Valigarmander
      If you're not a Sonic fan... why is your name Sonic 5? *scratches chin in perplexion*
    2. Glux
      Have you ever gone to your own profile and clicked you location?
    3. Bad Dragonite
    4. DarkZero
      It occurs to me that the visitor message function doesn't get used much anymore.
    5. Bad Dragonite
      Bad Dragonite
      Hai thurs. ^w^

      What's up lately? :)
    6. Bad Dragonite
      Bad Dragonite
      Nm, hoping internets dont mess up and chatting with cousin? :D U?
    7. Bad Dragonite
    8. Bad Dragonite
      Bad Dragonite
      btw hope you haves a great day tomorrow at school. :)
    9. Bad Dragonite
      Bad Dragonite
      Thanks, that means alot. :)
    10. Bad Dragonite
      Bad Dragonite
      What sorts of stereotypes? and I played a game in the 360 demo of magic 2013. was fun, but I lost pretty bad. xD

      I've heard Common Sense was a good read, but I've never heard of those others >>; haha

      I've heard Baten Kaitos and Lost ocean were amazing or something, and thought of getting them years ago, but never did. but I totes agree on Castlevaniamon though xD
      I've not beaten the main game yet though.

      I agree! :D
    11. Bad Dragonite
      Bad Dragonite
      I will check it out then. :)

      Cool, what games/books have you beem enjoyying (hopefully :P )?

      and it's been pretty good I guess. get to talk with my gf more, that's great. :)
    12. Bad Dragonite
      Bad Dragonite
      lol awesome. Never played. ha How'd that go?

      and nm. fairly uneventful here as well. xD
      Listening to the Second Funniest Podcast and messaging you right now. probably going to my friend's house to hang out later tonight.

      Enjoying a vacation?
    13. Bad Dragonite
      Bad Dragonite
      Yw ^^ yus we should. ha

      Whats up? :)
    14. Bad Dragonite
      Bad Dragonite
      Random thought, but ur cute :D we should talk more often we don't talk much anymore. D:
    15. ZeldaGirl
      I did, a few weeks ago. Thank you very much!
    16. Bad Dragonite
    17. DarkZero
      Well, uh... I guess I graduated.
    18. Bad Dragonite
      Bad Dragonite
      Yeah hey what's wrong?:<
    19. DarkZero
      Salutations, fine lady.
    20. DarkZero
      Converse with me.
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  • About

    March 29
    Favorite System:
    It was my 360 until it imploded.
    Favorite Faerie:
    HotD, of course. She's awesome.
    Favorite Dragon:
    SD, duh. She's the best dragon ever.
    Favorite game:
    Resident Evil 4
    Original username:
    Sonic 5. I've never changed it, because I'm lame.
    PSN Gamertag:
    United States
    I'm that person who's been here for over ten years but barely has a post per day (statistically, of course).


    I also honestly don't even like the Sonic franchise any more (aside from the pre-3D games), but I can't think of a better username...
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