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100 reasons Super Metroid kicks ass.

Discussion in 'Metroid: Self-Destruct Sequence Activated' started by Valigarmander, Mar 19, 2015.


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    1. Giant Kraid


    When you last encountered Kraid, he the fairly unremarkable Samus-sized boss of Brinstar. And that seems to be the case again when you meet what appears to be him in a long corridor, hurling spikes at you and going down in just a few hits. Entering the next room treats you to a surprise: the real Kraid rises from the earth, and is so big he can't even fit on the screen.

    It's taken for granted nowadays, but Kraid was one of the first truly giant bosses in a video game. The battle itself is reminiscent of (although it predates by over a decade) Shadow of the Colossus, where you must scale the towering monster itself just to get a shot at his weak point. Defeating Kraid is a triumph; if that behemoth wasn't able to stop you, what can?
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