Problems with Smogon and VGC

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Problems with Smogon and VGC


Post by Bad Dragonite » Sun Jul 22, 2018 2:37 pm

So I've noticed that the community is pretty split lately. There are those who when playing competitive play either smogon or vgc. The thing is I think most people are in the middle and don't care for either. On the one hand smogon has become so ban happy. In the past they wanted to just eliminate what was seen as uncompetitive aspects, having things like sleep clause and no evasion, but in the last few years banning things like blaziken and greninja, and baton pass when they have counters, and just eliminating strategic options usually citing the fact that they see them as being "used too much" even though talonflame and landorus t were both more op arguably and uses way more (heck landorus still is )
It just seems dumb to me.

Then vgc chooses their main game type to be something players hardly use in the main game themselves and have a harder time relating to. Along with that they ban pokemon too much as well, usually for no good reason, with no mythicals being allowed just cause (my guess is cause they don't want people to have them when others don't but it isn't clear) that also makes those mythicals feel less special.

Basically smogon plays favorites and bans mechanics that take thought to get around then claims it's for competitiveness or over use while vgc is just straight up antithetical to the main gameplay people know.

I kinda want to start my own league but idk. I just wish we had an official 6v6 singles gametype. I get that it would be slower for viewers but I mean, that's pokemon. Plus I think viewers might like it more just because it is more relatable to them. Idk.

Just a random stream of thoughts.

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