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Character(s) of the Month #73: Glorified Gluttony

Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:23 am
by CaptHayfever
Kirby Characters

WiiU - The Great Cave Offensive, Halberd, Dream Land 64
3DS - Dream Land, Dream Land 64


B - Inhale (source: Dreamland/Adventure)
Ice Breath, Jumping Inhale
Side B - Hammer Flip (source: Super Star)
Hammer Bash, Giant Hammer
Up B - Final Cutter (source: Super Star)
Wave Cutter, Upper Cutter
Down B - Stone (source: Adventure)
Grounding Stone, Meteor Stone
Final Smash - Ultra Sword (source: Return)

--The Hammer is now chargeable & will hurt Kirby if overcharged, like Dedede's. The custom Hammer Bash is more like the old attack.
--Ultra Sword is affected by Monado Arts if Kirby has those copied & active at the time.
--Lots of his attacks are faster now.


B - Mach Tornado (source: Super Star)
Entangling Tornado, Dreadful Tornado
Side B - Drill Rush (source: Amazing Mirror)
High-Speed Drill, Shield-Breaker Drill
Up B - Shuttle Loop (source: Super Star)
Blade Coaster, Lazy Shuttle Loop
Down B - Dimensional Cape (source: Super Star)
Shield Piercer, Stealth Smasher
Final Smash - Galaxia Darkness (source: Brawl?)

--Gliding is gone.
--Severely nerfed from Brawl, mostly via decreased priority, shorter reach, & increased lag.


B - Inhale (source: Dreamland)
Dedede Storm, Taste Test
Side B - Gordo Throw (source: Squeak Squad)
Topspin Gordo, Bouncing Gordo
Up B - Super Dedede Jump (source: Dreamland)
Rising Dedede, Quick Dedede Jump
Down B - Jet Hammer (based on: Super Star)
Armored Jet Hammer, Dash Jet Hammer
Final Smash - Dedede Burst (based on: Masked Dedede from Super Star Ultra)

--Dedede no longer takes overcharge damage from Jet Hammer if he's already at 150% damage or more.
--Chain grab is gone, but he's gotten a lot of other buffs.

Sakurai's favorite children overall got more well-balanced.

And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

Re: Character(s) of the Month #73: Glorified Gluttony

Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:46 am
by DarkZero
i'll never forgive the removal of dedede's back air and dtilt from brawl

he has like no quick options to get people off of him anymore besides maybe nair