Your Favorite MMA Fight(s)

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Your Favorite MMA Fight(s)


Post by ThatDude100 » Sat Mar 23, 2013 2:20 pm

Forrest Griffin VS Stephan Bonnar (The Ultimate Fighter 1 Finale) - For the first TUF fight, this was definitely something memorable, and no doubt one of the greatest fights in either fighters career, and probably even one of the greatest fights in MMA history. For me, anyone that ever asks, "what's a good MMA fight to watch?", I always tell them to watch that one. It was a very well rounded fight on both fighters sides, the perfect show of standing, and the ground game.

Michael Bisping VS Dan Henderson (UFC 100) - I'm a huge fan of both fighters, however, I was definitely on the Dan Henderson side for this fight. The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 was a great VS season, so, obviously, I had to show love for Team USA. I will say, the Team UK fighters were amazing, they should all be proud of their abilities. Anyway, Henderson VS Bisping was a great fight, a nice standing fight. It's a staple in Michael Bispings career (first time he got knocked out), so, i'm sure that he'll always remember that fight. Both fighters did great though, I am a Michael Bisping fan, but, I was glad when I saw Dan Henderson just knock him to the floor, then get that extra punch in.

Martkin Kampmann VS Thales Leites (The Ultimate Fighter 4 Finale) - This was a great opener for The Ultimate Fighter 4 Finale, the big thing i'll say about this fight is this was a fight of nothing but heart. It was a good back and forth fight, but, I do got to give Kampmann more points, he did seem to be in control for most of the fight. Thales got in some good punches and kicks, at one point, I thought for sure Thales had the fight won, I forget what round it was, but, there was a huge turning point, and it looked like Thales had this one, but, Kampmann came back. It was a great fight for Kampmann, but, Thales showed nothing but heart in that fight.

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