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Post by Calamity Panfan » Fri May 09, 2014 6:56 pm

I really don't see how Lions are Lioning. I don't think anyone wanted the 10 pick and it's a hard choice to make. Eric Ebron seems to be a tight end in name only. He can't particularly block well so I'm banking that the Lions use him as a Jimmy Graham type tight end that lines up in a variety of places depending on the play. I probably would've liked Beckham Jr. at the #10 spot as far as receivers go (I really think OBJ will be a stud) but I'm not mad at the Ebron pick at all. He's a big, fast receiver who can make ridiculous catches, which is the type of receiver Stafford loves to throw to. His drops are concerning but according to UNC fans those are more from the fact that he got a hold of a bunch of overthrown/underthrown balls than the average receiver should.

The Lions absolutely did not need to grab a QB, OL, DL, or RB at #10. Mayhew's been iffy on drafting corners high up because they don't make immediate impact in their first seasons anyway (and even though the secondary has struggled, I think we're banking on improvement from the personnel we have because we have like 9 CBs on the team right now). OLB is a need but Barr and Mack were taken. S is a need because while Quin is great I'm not sold on Ihedigbo (Ha Ha is probably the only pick I honestly like better than Ebron at #10, aside from the aforementioned OBJ). Stafford needed another weapon aside from CJ/Golden Tate (before this pick, our choice for #3 target was Brandon Pettidrop, Joe Fauria who is a beast in the red zone but is really slow, and Kris **** Durham). Watkins and Evans were gone already and apparently the offensive coaches REALLY loved Ebron so they got him.

Resigning Pettigrew seems silly now but we may have 3 TEs capable of starting but they all play incredibly different roles (Pettigrew is a good blocker with bricks for hands, Fauria has great hands but is unproven in the open field and can't block, and now Ebron is basically a WR3). It'll allow the new OC to get more creative with formations and plays which I really like the idea of after so many years of Scott Linehan offense.
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Post by March » Mon May 12, 2014 2:09 pm

so, Michael Sam. Poor guy. Has two first names.
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