WWE cuts ties to Hulk Hogan amid leaked racist tirade

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Post by LOOT » Tue Nov 03, 2015 4:08 am

[QUOTE="Booyakasha, post: 1570880, member: 17381"]I'm curious as to why people require an apology from Hogan. He was spouting off harmlessly in his own house, where nobody except the woman he was sleeping with should ever have heard him. On top of which, in-context, this doesn't come off as a racist tirade--------this is a guy in his fifties, hurt and frustrated over his daughter, venting about it to someone he should have been able to trust.[/QUOTE]

Okay, let's pause right here.

Regardless of all that transpired, he made **** racist/homophobic remarks. That does NOT EVER excuse someone of whatever they're going through. If I hear someone **** saying the f-slur while venting about some ******* in their life I'm not going to be sympathetic, even if they were under Hitler Jr Mach 3.5 I'm not fond at all of the comparison. F-Slur is clearly meant to be derogatory of anybody queer. Racial slurs will always be condescending of the race they reference. There are TONS of insults to use that do not demean anybody for their race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, handicap, color, the whole shebang. Resorting to those are asinine and are as insulting as the target will tell you how it is.

And on another topic: I hate the f-slur. I am absolutely disgusted by it. I call myself gay all the time, I admit to using it or queer to describe many a things. The thing is, the f-slur is meant 100% to be an insult. If I say something is gay it's meant to be campy, or actually gay in homosexual context. F-slur does not cover that, it has always been derogatory insults to anything, and South Park will NOT change that no matter what those baby man-children believe.

The fact other wrestlers have not been caught does not excuse Hulk Hogan. All of those you listed should face the consequences. Unfortunately we live in a world where we can easily ignore domestic abuse because "haha look at Nicholas Cage's face in this one scene". The worse of them SHOULD be behind bars for their actions. The others shouldn't be such outstanding celebrities. Again, Ultimate Warrior, a huge name, I solely wish he's burning in hell as we speak because he was extremely Islamophobic and homophobic.

Andre the Giant was something else. I have The Princess Bride on DVD, maybe I should watch that tomorrow.

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Post by Booyakasha » Tue Nov 03, 2015 4:36 am

Okay. Maybe you don't have this in your life, Loot. But my grandpa, one of the best people I ever knew (went to war, raised eight kids, worked into his seventies, well-respected throughout the city), he didn't shy away from bigoted terminology. He grew up with it, and it was part of his steez. My ma uses salty non-PC language sometimes, when she's f*ckin pissed off (she's just two years older than Hogan). I don't doubt you've seen me drop the f-slur here at VGF, myself. Sometimes people say stupid sh*t without intending to cause harm.

Hulk Hogan doesn't pose a threat to anybody. You know, if he harbours actual hatred towards anybody (and I think it's pretty clear he doesn't), one would think it would have surfaced well before now. He's a public figure who has made a career partially on the basis of shouting whatever dumb things he can think of at millions of viewers, and he never said anything overly racist, sexist, or homophobic during any of it. (I mean, never mind the public stuff. The sleazebag media tried to turn Hulk over. They asked some of Hogan's contemporaries, people who actually knew and hated Hogan, whether he was a bigot. Roddy Piper (RIP) said he wasn't, from his own experience. Bret Hart said Hogan was a piece of sh*t, but even he wouldn't call Hogan a racist. Dunno if that says anything to anyone but me.)

...so. Seven years ago, pissed off and grumpy at his daughter, in his fifties, Hogan says some racist, homophobic sh*t to one single person. Not a mere fan, mind you-------a lover. Someone he might have expected an ounce of confidentiality from. And suddenly, now, he's the racist homophobe bad guy. The .0000001% suddenly is the rule, not the exception. What a sad f*ckin joke.
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Post by I REALLY HATE PRESENTS! » Tue Nov 03, 2015 2:34 pm

[quote="LOOT]There are TONS of insults to use that do not demean anybody for their race"]

Wait, so why are non-specific insults okay? That's stupid.


Good God, Loot. It's not like he was a baby raping murderer.

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Post by LOOT » Tue Nov 03, 2015 3:05 pm

I am well aware of this no-intention part. You know what I DO have in my life? People casually making homophobic remarks without knowing I'm queer, or I'm trans. The fact that if I were to reveal at work I'm either I can kiss any sort of job advancement goodbye, and I can probably be fired for that because last I checked one of those were not protected under the Discrimination policy. I can't even reveal to any of my family anything about me. The least I can expect is for them to actually not use words that demonize who I am.

You know full well this "no intention to harm" thing is null the moment someone tells you why it's harmful. It's a much easier effort to stop on your end than for me to "put up" with that. It's **** to just keep doing it.

And no, it being a "private conversation" does not excuse it. Of course he wouldn't say such crap on camera, where the media would slam the WWE for having this on.

I really don't get why you think racist remarks would not make a person the least bit racist.

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Post by Calamity Panfan » Tue Nov 03, 2015 3:27 pm

It's hard to differentiate the man/performer so much with wrestling because of the whole kayfabe thing, we eventually find out that Hulk Hogan is just a character some dude named Terry plays, but when we're kids we think that Hulk Hogan is the real deal. For the most formative years we think the guy in the ring is the same guy in real life. And very few people can break that association in real life even as adults. My roommate and his girlfriend think I'm some kind of monster because I hate the character John Cena, who is boring and always wins. John Cena seems like a stand-up guy. I appreciate all he does for Make-a-Wish kids and he seems like a genuinely likable, funny guy. But his character is terrible once you get past the age of like 12. The Rock is one of the few I can think of that has managed to separate himself truly from his wrestling persona. It's especially difficult because a lot of characters are just the guys themselves turned up to 11. That might not be so much with the 80s since everybody was basically playing OCCUPATION MAN, but especially when you get to the 90s you've got more guys who are basically being caricatures of themselves.

Scumbags like Luger, Warrior, etc. should be given the same treatment as Hogan, but they benefit from having their controversies come before this era of social media. It's like Bill Cosby. People knew about the Bill Cosby rape stuff for decades but it was never a big deal and he kept getting work. It wasn't until the Hannibal Burress bit put it in social media as well as more accusations arising that people were like "holy **** Bill **** Cosby has been a rapist for decades." It's definitely unfair and terrible that we still hold pretty **** people in such a huge spotlight. Like, I've been a Detroit Tigers fan throughout my life and Ty Cobb is considered the greatest Tiger ever. And one of the best baseball players ever. You know something about Ty Cobb? He was an exceptionally **** human being. He was a racist and incredibly violent guy (he apparently had a change of heart about race but I dunno). Dude would slide with his spikes up so he could **** hurt whoever was on the bag. He was an admitted ******* and he's glorified. If he did the same **** in this era (even just the violent stuff, not even the racist stuff) he might not be considered a Hall of Famer just because he would be seen as a disgrace to the game.

I don't have a lot of sympathy for Hogan because I knew he was an ******* anyway. Like, I dunno if the dude is truly a racist but there are a LOT of guys who shared a locker room with Hogan that absolutely hate the guy. He no-sold pretty much every guy he faced and refused to let younger talent go over. He was basically like John Cena is now but Cena's infinitely more talented and it seems like people who work with Cena actually like the guy.

Vince McMahon definitely is a giant turd though, and yeah he definitely did it to save face and not because he was offended by the remarks. Vince's poor taste is well-documented (The Attitude Era is glorified as a golden age of wrestling but go back and watch some of those storylines... yikes). In general, he's a stubborn guy who won't do things unless it's his way. He sticks with the same plans over and wonders why ratings go down. He doesn't like to put talent over unless they're "his guys" (which is why it took CM Punk and Daniel Bryan forever to reach the top despite fan support. They didn't put those guys to the top until it became abundantly clear that those were the guys the fans wanted). The gimmicks he gives black wrestlers are generally extremely stereotyped (The New Day were originally black preacher babyfaces. It didn't work out, they turned heel and were given freedom to do what they want and are now one of the most refreshing things in the industry). He has absolutely no idea how to write women and puts looks over talents (which is why Eva Marie has been pushed by the company while incredibly talented female wrestlers like Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks have to wait their turn). The WWE is any wrestler's dream (and they're lying if they tell you otherwise), but Vince is what keeps a lot of people away. I mean, Bret Hart might be the best wrestler ever and Vince didn't know what to do with him and eventually sent him packing.
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