rookie in training

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rookie in training


Post by tscot379 » Sat May 13, 2006 1:51 pm

I need somebody to teach me the ropes on how to better understand the combat style for the RPG and also to train me up if i ever get challenged.

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Post by Joker » Tue May 16, 2006 3:09 pm

I can help you with that. First off you want to stock up on small potions first the ones that are least expensive and won't heal you beyond your max hp. Also if you need to battle once you have reached the limit of bots for the day you can always challange one of my lower level characters from the Death Dealers Clan, just go the clan section of the RPG and you will find our members. I would suggest in choosing either Lestat or my Dark Jedi. They are both lower level characters and would be good exp.

As for fighting AI bots, I would suggest that you stay with the lower level bots for a while untill you have reached past level 5. And don't feel bogged down because you can't beat bots your own level. The way the game is set up you won't be able to compete with bots your own level for some time.

Any more questions you might have along the way, feel free to post them here as I will check in on this topic from time to time. And I'm sure if I don't answer one of the members of this board will.

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Post by The Willful Wanderer » Tue May 16, 2006 11:24 pm

Dang straight. Good to see you active on this respect, J. I would offer to guide you by hand, tscot, but I'm afraid most of my time is not my own lately. That'll change in a few weeks, but for now I can't help as much as I wish I could. Feel free to post any questions you have that aren't answered elsewhere. I recommend having a look at the Help files in the RPG menu (I would, wouldn't I? I wrote them, after all...) and poking around a bit. Don't worry too much about grabbing the wrong stuff right now, it's fairly easy to make back the munny over the first few levels. Feel free to try things out, and if you have any complaints, comments, or potentially helpful thoughts, go ahead and attach them to the relevant threads.

Good luck with the RPG, and happy battling!

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