Just one minute of intense exercise is as good as 45 minutes of endurance training

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Just one minute of intense exercise is as good as 45 minutes of endurance training


Post by Heroine of the Dragon » Mon May 02, 2016 12:49 am

If your main excuse for not exercising is that you just haven’t got the time, then prepare to be shocked – because scientists have discovered that all you need is 60 seconds of hard work – and you don’t even need a gym to do it.

New research from McMaster University in Canada has found that just a single minute of super-intense exercise had the same effect as 45 minutes of endurance training, like jogging or cycling.

It’s important to note that this single minute is accumulative, so three 20 second sprints spread over 10 minutes of training is effectively one minute of balls-to-the-wall exercise.

And just because the workout is short, that doesn’t make it easy – many people find themselves working so hard they need to stem the urge to vomit (that's how you know it’s working).
All the exercise in 10 minutes:
For the group that performed the high-intensity exercise, the protocol was simple: they warmed up on a spin bike for two minutes, performed a flat-out sprint lasting just 20 seconds and then cycled easily for two minutes to recover.

The men did just three max-effort sprints before completing a three minutes cool-down. In all, the workout took just 10 minutes, and could be easily replicated in your home or at the gym.
More: http://www.msn.com/en-au/health/fitness ... ailsignout

Those Canadians rock!!!! :D
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Post by е и ժ е я » Mon May 02, 2016 12:56 am

Experts Hate Me
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Post by I REALLY HATE POKEMON! » Mon May 02, 2016 1:13 am

I am not sure that is healthy.

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Post by New! Tazy Ten » Mon May 02, 2016 1:37 am

You'd probably need to rest for quite a while after at least.

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